Living Foods Classes

Beginners Class
Nutrituional values and uses of Wheatgrass juice
Preparation of Rejuvelac and Breakfast Cereal
Soaking, sprouting, skimming and storing of the very basic seeds, beans, and grains

Energy Soup Class
Harvesting, cleaning and storing of Sunflower greens and buckwheat lettuce
Dr. Ann's original and modified Energy Soup
Almond cheese and Hummous and Marzipan

Veggiekraut Class
Preparation of Salt free Purple Veggiekraut
Preparation of Borsch Soup and Couscous

Planting Class
Composting, sifting and mixing of mineraly super charged soil for indoor gardening
Soaking, sprouting, planting, watering and caring for living Wheatgrass, Sunflower greens and Buckweat Lettuce
Detox helpers e.g. colon hydrotherapy, dry brush and lymphatic massage, rebounding, detox bath enemas and Wheatgrass implants

Advanced Living Foods Classes

Dehydration Class
Hazelnut protein Nuggets and Hazelnut Mousse, Veggie crackers or Apple crisps or Pizza
Nutritional values and uses of the five basic Pacific and Atlantic seaweeds

Nori Rolls Class
Nori Rolls
Sunflower, pumkin or sesame seeds Cheeses, Yogurts and Milks
Veggie seed Loaf or Flaxseed Log and Almondaise
Glorious green Soup

Desert Class
Papaya, Banana Pie or Carrot Cake
Walnut Raisin or Pecan Date Squares or Spread
Gazpacho Rainbow Soup
Skin Cleansers and chlorophyll Moisturizers

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